ALS2 Refresher

This is a one day refresher course with the focus on the developing advanced skills in managing deteriorating patient and cardiac arrest.

The course is designed for healthcare professionals who have done the ALS 2 course and are due for recertification.

Upon successful course completion, including demonstration of skills competency in all learning stations including CPR, defibrillation, bag-mask ventilation, a CasTest and a written assessment, students receive an ALS course completion card, valid for four years.

This course requires the completion of a pre-course assessment.

Who can enroll ?

Appropriate participants include doctors‚ and nurses working in critical care areas (e.g. ED, CCU, ICU, HDU, acute admissions units) or in the resuscitation /medical emergency team, and paramedics, who have completed ALS 2 course before.

Course Foramt

  • Pre-course multiple choice assessment
  • Progressive practical assessment
  • Final multiple choice assessment


  • Recognition, assessment and management of the critically ill patient using a structured ABCDE approach
  • Airway management skills
  • Basic Life Support
  • Defibrillation skills (Manual mode)
  • Cardiac arrest management using the ARC ALS Algorithm
  • Work as an effective leader and team member in a cardiac arrest
  • Treat cardiac and/or respiratory arrest
  • Preparing and planning for post resuscitation care
  • Care for the deteriorating patient or patient in cardiac and/or respiratory arrest in special circumstances such as asthma, anaphylaxis, and pregnancy
  • Lead a team, work as a team member, and use structured communication skills including giving an effective handover

What can you achieve ?

  • Successful participants will receive an ARC Advanced Life Support Level 2 certificate
  • Successful participants will receive a ALS 2 Providers Card issued by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC)